Specialized Guides

Introduction to Specialized Guides

Our specialized guides are lists of curated local and national resources that are generally hard to find and specialized to a unique event, experience, etc. Please let us know if you have a suggestion for a specialized guide, have additional resources to suggest for one of our current guides or have any concerns with any of the resources listed. To contact us, please use the feedback button on the bottom of the page.

Infant Loss and Grief Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for families and caregivers experiencing the loss of a pregnancy, infant or child.

Specialized GuidePublish Date
Infant Loss and Grief October 26, 2022

Birth Trauma Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for families who have experienced birth trauma. Birth trauma can occur at any point in labor or birth and is determined by the perception of the woman or birthing person's experience. Feelings of helplessness, lack of control and isolation during this time can result in trauma. Additionally, the belief that they or their baby were in danger of injury or death can lead to birth trauma.

Specialized GuidePublish Date
Birth Trauma November 1, 2022
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